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August, 2004



The first day. What shall I write? Some time ago, I searched a key word of "Classical Whodunit" with American Yahoo. Then, it was surprising. That key word was found only 108 cases. Yahoo! UK&Ireland Though it was searched, that was found only 46 cases. Is Japanese "Honkaku Mystery" really being called "Classical Whodunit" in England? It is very worried. Was the choice of my domain wrong?


The price of the rental server was paid today. A cost for 1 year is about 5,000 yen including the initial cost of the rental server and the domain registration cost. I think that it became very cheap. The price of the domain must have been about 30,000 yen at several years ago. (As for the rate, about 110 yen is 1 US$).


I went to the post office to buy a postal money order in the afternoon today. There were many people because of the noon recess. At any rate, this postal money order will be sent, and I will join Japanese Ellery Queen Fan Club. It looks forward to it very much. Even so, I don't think that it is efficient to pay it by spending a postal money order nowadays.


I will enjoy a summer vacation from tomorrow. It has been the first time that a vacation on the 9th can be taken since I began to work for the company. I want to kill time with reading a book because it is troublesome to come back to the parents' house. I am not accustomed to being free. What should I do? Shall I go to see a movie? Let's look for an interesting movie.


The top page of the Web site was very remodeled. When a Web page is made after all, I want to remodel it to use XML and style sheet. Therefore, I made Web page which moves. But, I should confirm indication even except for the Japanese browser. Can you install English IE in the Japanese Windows? before that, Probably, the Japanese version and the English version of IE are not installable in one OS. How shall I do?


I cleaned today. Receipts are piled up like a mountain. I am meticulous character. Since it is meticulous character, if I am not being put in order, I am unpleasant. One day was spent on clearing up. I got tired very much.


It went to the old book market in Shimogamo today. That is the market of the maximum class in Kyoto. I saw an acquaintance by chance before opening. He is famous for liking a mystery fiction book. Since I was not intimate, I did not talk with him. At any rate, an attractive book was not got. It is regretted. What book did he buy? I am very interested.


The "Mona Lisa smile" was seen in the movie theater today. Julia, Roberts is wonderful. However, the theme of a tale was not able to draw out her beauty. "I'm sorry, but from where I sit, it's just a different kind of corset." An angry face doesn't suit her.


I attend my office from today. I don't want to go. It was short if a summer vacation began to end. After all, it got along uselessly.


Koudan is the tradition art of Japan similar to the Rakugo. Rakugo is translated into English by the word "comic story", and speaks a tale subjectively. On the other hand, "Koudan" is a style which speaks a tale objective like a reporter. It will be "storytelling" if it translates into English forcibly. Koudan was popular in Japan about 100 years ago. But, there are a few speakers at present. Therefore, the speaker of the "Detective Koudan" which deals with a mystery had no one.
Nanko revived it. I appreciated the Detective Koudan of Nanko Kyokudou today. Guest participation is a detective story writer's Taku Ashibe. He wrote the original of the Koudan of the "Ranpo Edogawa biography". I think that Nanko and Taku are good combination. Koudan and their talk after it were interesting.


A trouble occurred on business. It is my mistake. I may go to China next week. A direct airplane flies only to Monday and Wednesday. I want to solve by E-mail.


The trouble which occurred the other day was settled. I am happy because I don't need to go to China. It was not a technical trouble, but how to use was mistaken, and it is said that a machine broke down. At any rate, my responsibility isn't pursued. It was saved.


Yoshinoya is a famous store in Japan which deals with bowl rice. That is being opened abroad, too. It is said that a beef bowl can be ordered with Chinese Yoshinoya. I wanted to eat a beef bowl because it couldn't eat in Japanese Yoshinoya because of the BSE disturbance since last year. However, I do not have a meal by Yosinoya conventionally. I hoped because it is unacceptable in Japan. It is such a boring reason.

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