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About Alice Arisugawa


Alice Arisugawa was born in 1959 in Osaka, Japan.
He is a gentleman though it is a pen name like the woman.

He was reading the mystery fiction from the age of the school child, and he liked Sherlock Holms specially. He had been writing the mystery fiction since those days. It was enchanted before long by the Ellery Queen and Agatha Christie.
And, he applied for the rookie of the year award of the most famous mystery fiction in Japan at 15 years old. An application by this age is very rare even in many Japanese writers. Though that novel couldn't be awarded a prize, he had the purpose of being strong that it wanted to be a mystery writer.

His first novel, Moonlight Game, was published in January, 1989.
The subtitle is The Tragedy of Y in 1988. The amateur detective, Egami solves the murder case which happened in the closed circle. That is an interesting novel which find a criminal. Then, as for the important point, Arisugawa inserted a written challenge to the reader into the work as a homage to the Ellery Queen at the time of the debut.

Though the style of Ellery is well-known in Japan at present, it thought that it was an old-fashioned style at that time. There was much criticism not to match a present fashion. However, Arisugawa liked classical whodunit like a novel of Ellery Queen, and kept writing it. Then, the Renaissance of the mystery fiction happened in Japan, and it came to be admitted. It is a thing by the achievements of Arisugawa.

Arisugawa is being called Japanese Ellery Queen by that work style. He belongs to the Mystery Writers of Japan, Inc, and it was awarded the best novels prize by The Malaysian Railroad Mystery. And, he served as the first chairman with Honkaku Mystery Club made by the purpose of making a Japanese mystery fiction develop. It is a mystery fiction writer who represents Japan.

Written on 2005/07/24

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